This Is Only A Test

I have been informed that e-mail notifications for these posts are not going out.  So I’ve futzed with the settings a bit, and I’m going to test this out.  If it works, I’ll delete this post in a few days — long enough, hopefully, for you to find a post at the other end of the e-mail and not wonder what went wrong.  🙂


Update: My test account got the notification for this one, so I think it’s working now.  Your money back if not fully satisfied.

Update 2: If you’re already subscribed, you may need to turn on the notification options.  WordPress doesn’t seem to start with the emails enabled initially; the futzing around I did turned it on, but now prior users will need to turn it on for their accounts.

So, go to the “Log in” link in the right hand column of this page and log in with your userid and password.  Go to the Subscribe2 section on the left, and under “Your Subscriptions” you’ll have subscription options that you can turn on.  That has been reported to solve the problem.

BTW, you may want to choose one of the “Excerpt” email options instead of the “Full”.  Full might cause a really big e-mail to be sent to you, if it includes all of the pictures.  But feel free to try it out, and see what works best for you.

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  1. Mark says:

    🙁 nothing in real mail or spam. Do you show my account at

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